Is trampoline Good or Bad

Your kids are going crazy to get it, but yet the question of is trampoline Good or Bad still making you go crazier? Fear, not dear parent, this article will clear everything there is to know of reasons why trampolines are safe. Also, I’ll tell you the trampoline risks and dangers of trampoline that are associated with it. Nevertheless, as a parent, you should be aware of all the pros and cons of trampolines before purchasing one for your beloved children. Having these questions in your head doesn’t make you a bad parent; rather, it shows how cautious you are about the well-being of your child. If you have these questions, then know this you are absolutely on the right track to be a successful, loving, and very much caring parent.

Kids nowadays won’t understand the fun old times you used to spend during your childhood. All the running around in the backyard with your friends and neighbors, climbing trees and riding a bicycle, running playing hide and seek, yeah, those were the days. With the rapid evolution of generation, all these fun activities have now become more of an old school. When it comes to jumping on trampolines, nothing can beat its non-stop up and down motion of breathless fun or unforeseen danger?

You can’t argue with the fact that trampolines are scientifically proven outdoor instrument that has incredible benefits to the health. If this is too much hard for you to digest, then you better go through the benefits of jumping on a trampoline before deciding whether to buy it or not. Trampolines benefit people of all ages, starting from toddlers to adults. This is why there is a trampoline for toddlers and trampoline for adults. The health benefits this bouncy instrument provides are surely enough to say and support the fact that trampolines are good.

However, there are more practical reasons that will even out the weight of this debate showing the risks of trampolines. This might sound offensive to trampoline lovers, but trampolines pose some severe threats to young hot blood. The hazards that the trampoline poses should NOT be taken lightly.

Reasons why trampolines are safe

It is always good to be optimistic. And therefore, let’s take a look at the bright side. The trampoline itself is a safe contraption that allows one to have fun and also, by all means, go through some beneficial exercise that will keep both body and soul very healthy. Although before buying a trampoline, you should go through the reviews and features of it. Here are a few reasons why the trampoline is safe and sound.

  • Spring pads ensuring protection- high jumps are achieved because of the springs that are featured in the trampoline. This excites any jumper knowing that they will jump very high. And to ensure that the injuries are prevented during impact, the springs are cushioned with mats and pads. This helps in jumping without having a fear of getting hurt by the springs.
  • Protective net- The safety net on the trampoline ensures that the jumper doesn’t jump too high and bounce off the trampoline. Most of the trampolines now have this protective net.
  • Padded Frames- Just think that you are hitting or landing on the exposed frame of the trampoline. Can you think of the result? The frames of the trampoline are covered and protected by pads, to ensure that this isn’t the conclusion.

Dangers of Trampolines

Dangers of Trampolines

It is no joke that a bouncy product like this will have dangers tagged along with it. Go to the internet and search on the risks of trampolines, and you’ll see the horrors that await you. You’ll see a terrified mother posting pics of her son with a broken collar bone and writing the story about that tragedy. Often we get so lost in the fun features of the trampoline, and we forget the most crucial fact that kids have fragile bones in their bodies. And they are the ones who get way too much carried away with the fun of jumping, failing to control their landings. If you are one crazy person and ask if you can jump on a wet trampoline, well you have another thing coming.

The pads added to the trampoline to prevent such disasters sometimes backfires. They get torn and therefore expose the steel or frame, which causes deadly results when landed on. The nets don’t come in much of use. Yeah, they’ll keep you off the ground and all, but the main injuries happen on the trampoline itself. Jumping high can sometimes make your kids lose control and land funny. This results in the breaking of different bones of the body.

Pros of Trampoline

There is no doubt that the trampoline is useful. The benefits that it is has undoubtedly overpowered the negativity brought up by many users. So here are the advantages of having a trampoline and why trampolines are considered good.

  • Encouragement to stay fit- The unlimited fun factor of trampolines ensures that the kids to bounce on it for long. This helps them to keep fit at all times, making them more active. Who doesn’t want their kids to stay fit? Like other exercises, jumping on the trampoline contributes to a healthy lifestyle of kids.
  • Stronger than ever bones- Studies and research has proven that jumping on a trampoline regularly will help your bone mass to increase. This helps in making the skeletal system stronger. This is an excellent opportunity to make your kids stronger while they are having fun.
  • Posture improvement- A regular jumping session will highly improve your posture.
  • Better Cardiovascular system- Cardio workout is considered to be one of the most crucial workouts of the human body. A lot of people takes stressed ways to exercise their heart. Luckily 10 minutes on the trampoline will give you a cardio workout that is worth a 40 min run. Now you choose, run yourself to breathlessness, or jump your way to a better cardiovascular system?
  • Removes stress from legs- Most of the exercise requires heavy pressure on the legs or feet. Jumping on the trampoline has very less impact on the legs compared to the other stressful exercises.
  • Improves mental state- Jumping increases the production of the hormone endorphins that are released by the brain. This helps the youngster to fight against depression, stress, and anxiety. An essential factor for kids these days as they tend to hide their depression—a straightforward cure to a significant problem.
  • Breathe in nature- Technology has jailed kids in their house. Most don’t even like to go outside and playmaking them very unsocial. Trampoline is an excellent way of getting to be friends with nature. Fresh oxygen to your body can boost you properly.
  • Helps you track your kids- Kids can be sneaky. They’ll tell you something and do the opposite. Trampoline helps you know where the kids are, and you can stay relaxed, knowing you can track them.
  • Improves Lymphatic functions- Bouncing helps with the muscular contractions that take place in the lymphatic area, and thus this helps in digestion. Not to forget, it helps to provide a better with better blood circulation in this area.
  • Enhances Balance and coordination- Regular sessions of bouncing on a trampoline helps you to have a better balance and the coordination system of your body with the spinal cord and the brain.

Cons of a Trampoline

As fun it may seem, trampolines do have a dark side to it. If proper care and rules aren’t followed, disasters can take place within a matter of seconds. You should know what they are so you can take the necessary precautions in time to prevent it from happening. Here are some of the reasons why the trampoline is bad.

  • Trouble from the Insurance Company- Some homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t support the fact of having a trampoline. Insurance companies do come and give surprise visits and therefore, can cancel the insurance if they find out that there is a trampoline.
  • Constant supervision- When your kids are in the backyard having fun on the trampoline, you need to keep a constant eye out to see if they are okay or not. This could take up a lot of time from your schedule and keep you worried at all times. This is not good for your health.
  • The trouble with the neighbor- Fun bounces can turn in to a matter of court and law. If you have your neighbor’s kids playing on the trampoline and they get hurt, they could sue you.
  • High rates of injury- Statistics show that 90,000 kids in the US suffer from trampoline injuries every year. They suffer from spinal, neck, collar bone, sprains, fractures, and head injuries. You don’t want your kid to fall in that statistics.
  • Too many kids on board- Playing in groups can be more fun. But bouncing on a trampoline with too many kids can be tragic. Multiple jumps will create more vibrations and thus resulting in uncontrollable and unpredictable movements. This could send the kids flying to a destination you don’t want them to be.
  • Fragile bones of toddlers- The young bones of a child are always developing. Falling from a height could damage or fracture these bones, also break them, which is absolutely something that you don’t want your child to have at this young age.

How to make trampolines safe?

How to make trampolines safe

Despite all the cons of a trampoline, it can be made safe by merely following a few rules and regulations. The rules are not that hard, and it adds an extra layer of safety and security for your loved ones. Here are the rules that you can follow to and ensure a trampoline to be safe.

  • Only allow a single person to jump at a time. Too many people jumping together will cause uncontrollable vibration that will cause disaster.
  • Limit the bounce of the kids. Bouncing at a certain height makes them lose control and fly out of the net and land somewhere that is not meant for landing.
  • Ensure that the kids don’t do any athletic stunts like backflips, somersaults. Landing in an awkward position can cause severe bone damage and injury.
  • The best way to get on and off a trampoline is by using a ladder. Don’t let your kids jump off the trampoline. This will help them not to put stress on their legs and feet.
  • Empty the pockets before starting to jump. Accessories like phones, jewelry can be damaged.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the kids while they are on the trampoline.
  • Always check if the mat is wet. Wet mats can cause slips and thus make them land awkwardly. This could result in sprains, fractures, and even broken bones.
  • Always check the mat and protective nets for holes and tears. If there are any, then get them fixed to avoid future problems.
  • Limit time of jumping for the kids. Over jumping can sometimes wear them out badly.


Should I buy a Trampoline?

Well, I would highly suggest you go for buying a trampoline. Why? It’s simple. Look at all the positive sides that a trampoline has. Where will you get another contraction like this that has health benefits while jumping on it which is more fun than any other exercise? I mean I wouldn’t miss my opportunity of having something that would keep me healthy while I am having fun with it. Wouldn’t you? The health benefits that a trampoline offers will not be found elsewhere. So I highly suggest you stick to buying one for yourself rather than letting some haters fill your mind with negativity.

Children deserve to have such fun. As mature and responsible adults and parents, it is our duty to let them carefully have fun. Just because there are few negatives sides to it shouldn’t stop us from going for it. Besides there are rules given which, if followed could eliminate the cons. Follow them properly and you have nothing to worry about. There are different trampolines for different aged kids. Choose the right one and you are all good to go. All the trampolines nowadays have extra security and safety features added to it. It is, thus, minimizing the flaws and errors that make it dangerous. If you don’t know how to clean a trampoline, then learn it. It will come in handy.

Well, if you now still have the question, is trampoline good or bad? Pretty much by now, you know that trampoline is not good, but THE BEST! Get one today for your child, and be sure to enjoy and stay healthy in a safe way.

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