How long should you jump on a trampoline?

Trampolines are one of the most fun exercises that you can do. This exercise is not only full of health benefits but also has a lot of added health benefits to it. Trampolines are often used as a form of recreation for kids than an exercise, but did you know that trampolines can make you taller? Strengthen your posture and muscle mass? Only trampolines can make high-intensity cardio seem super fun.

So if you have a trampoline or you’re planning to buy a trampoline, you shouldn’t wait any longer.

But wait! For exactly how long should you jump on a trampoline?

We have discussed all the essential factors and necessary things that you need to about the time length you should be jumping. Be sure to read till the end of this article to get to know precisely how long should you be dancing to lose a significant amount of weight.

What are trampoline and rebounder?

Rebounders and trampolines have corresponding functions, but you can still differ them about how they’re used. They both hold unique contrasts that may appeal clarification to each unit’s main distinctiveness. So the question that derives is what the main difference between a Trampoline and a Rebounder is?

The apparent difference that we can find between a rebounder and a trampoline is determined by size. That which is smaller, more lightweight, and versatile can be often identified as rebounders. Whereas trampolines tend to be more prominent in format but aren’t as portable as rebounders are. They are more like brothers than twins are. They both have similar function that is to jump but each has its own individuality and uses. Trampolines are objects that are kept mostly for a more extended period. Suppose if you set up a trampoline somewhere in your house. You can keep it there for months or even years, depending on your needs. But you can just set it up anywhere you like and change the spot anytime because its super small compared to a trampoline, which makes it very portable.

Trampolines are used as outdoor and recreational activities for children. It’s an enjoyable and super awesome way of getting your children out to play. There are so many types of trampolines that people try out. Trampolines are used in birthday parties, pool parties, summer festivals etc. It is totally a fun outdoor activity that almost every children enjoy having. Even some nurseries, restaurants, and schools keep trampolines in the kid’s play zones.

It is no doubt that kids are jumping here and there. So jumping on a trampoline is undoubtedly a favorite sport for kids who are generally more active. Kids of all groups love trampolines. The reason behind this can be very unassuming, and it is none other than the simplicity of the trampolines. There are no hard and fast rules, all you do is jump vertically, and the fun begins!

The best part of owning a trampoline is that kids can play at home. You don’t have to take them to a park or any play zones. Just setting up a trampoline in a vast space and your kids are good to go.

Why should you jump on a trampoline?

Jumping on a trampoline isn’t only a fun activity, but it can also be beneficial not only for kids but adults too! It has been a prevalent form of exercise for adults and kids. You can make your legs more toned and tighten your core by jumping on a trampoline regularly. It also burns a very significant amount of calories and helps you lose weight. It has more benefits than you can imagine. This rhythmic vertical up and down movement improves your blood flow and circulation throughout your body and brain. It engages the progress of every single muscle of your body and creates stimulation in your cells, which results in producing an abundant amount of revitalizing effects. What a fun way to get so many benefits, right? Never did you think that there are benefits of jumping on a trampoline. Children are generally more accustomed to their bodies and jump around without worrying much about the benefits. But a little do they know there are getting so many benefits through a fun activity such as

  • It increases your bone destiny and maintains bone mass in adults. It also prevents osteoporosis and increases your ability to become stronger.
  • It rejuvenates the cells in your body. By that, it means the up and down motion on the trampoline, every single muscle in the body moves, which then causes trillions of cells in your body to move up and down as well. The gravitational force causes each cell to adjust to the load, becoming more robust, and therefore it increases cell energy and mitochondrial function.
  • Jumping on trampolines also helps your body detoxify by augmenting lymphatic circulation. We live in an extraordinary time where we are exposed to vast quantities of contaminants and chemicals in our food, air, and water continuously. Good health depends on the ability of our bodies to absorb these toxins successfully. But jumping helps in fighting those toxins and produce more white blood cells.
  • Jumping improves digestion and gut health. It stimulates the contraction and relaxation of the muscles in your gut, which enhances the cell, and so your body cells start rejuvenating. Thereby, it massively improves the absorption of nutrients.
  • It also improves posture, balance, and coordination by stimulating your nerves and helps you maintain a better coordination system.
  • Did you know that jumping also improves your eyesight? YES! It’s true. Jumping on a trampoline may increase your vision, and soon maybe one day, you will get rid of those glasses you wear! Due to gravitational force, jumping significantly stimulates and strengthens your eye muscles. Therefore, you can combat weak eyesight you by just jumping.
  • This one is probably one of the most common reasons why adults decide to take on this journey. Some even try out rebounding as a form of exercise—both ways, jumping on trampolines, a super fun way of losing weight, and burning calories.
  • Exercising in any form reduces stress and improves mental health. Many psychiatrists suggest people with mental health complications, exercise, and jumping on a trampoline is one of them. Jumping enhances blood flow around the brain, and this allows a significant amount of oxygen to enter the mind and, therefore, promoting more mental stability, sharpness, and focus.
  • Not to forget that jumping makes you taller.

Safety Tips and Precautions

Like any other exercise, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor. While mini trampolines help relieve some of your energy, such as jumping, if you have had prior surgery or have other health problems, it is not practical to use this form of exercise.

  • Look out for a stable surface before each jumping session to minimize the chance of a crash and other damage the trampoline may be operating.
  • When using a mini trampoline inside your house, pack the trampoline away when you have little kids while not in operation or otherwise oversee kids who can play in and around it.
  • Make sure to keep your trampoline a significant amount of distance from the wall or furniture.
  • Focus on purchasing a trampoline with extra stability and balance with a handlebar.
  • Ensure sure you make multiple motions on your trampoline so that each time you work out, you will not overuse the same muscles.
  • If you experience any shortness of breath, discomfort, or other warning signs of your safety, stop jumping immediately. After a first few trials on a mini-trampoline, you might feel a little dizzy or lightheaded. The body may only take a while to adjust to this new activity, but if you feel tired or dizzy, you will have to stop functioning.

How to get started with exercises


Before any exercise or cardio, everyone needs a warm-up no matter under any circumstances. Before some form of physical activity, it is imperative to warm up properly. The goal of the heating is that the body’s heart and muscle temperature will be raised to avoid injuries. Warm muscles improve the rate of power transmission, increasing reflexes, and reducing the time taken to firm up a tissue. Start by jumping quickly for a few minutes to relax your muscles. The whole point is to get the sensation of jumping before you start the actual exercise.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks help to get your heart at an increased rate by getting your body moves out of its normal plane motion. Through taxing muscles in this manner, movement can become energetic and develop both energy and stamina in multi-directional activities. However, jumping jacks on a trampoline isn’t like the one you would do as a regular form of exercise. When you’re performing jumping jacks on a trampoline that means you would want to stomp you’re on your feet down to the surface of the trampoline as you move your legs in and out. You don’t need to get your arms overhead and place your torso slightly forward. An excellent way to do jumping jacks is moving you in and out to your sides, and you are powering your legs down with your legs.

Basic Jog

Basic Jog is a perfect exercise as a startup. This consists of holding your back straight, bending very sideways, and raising your knees one by one as you sprint. Your arms should move like you do when running on a solid surface, that too for both hands. You may want only to lift your knees a few inches if you are a novice. If strength is built, you can progress to high knees where your thigh parallels the ground.

Advanced jogging

You should run about on the trampoline until you got the jogging form right. Start with a quick jog and shift to a more substantial position. If you start to sprint, you can even raise your arms above the back. When the exercise continues, you sprint from one leg to the other of the trampoline. Moving from a side by side movement will help you stimulate different muscle groups.


Alternative focused attempts to rehabilitation will allow you to combustion more calories and boost your overall aerobic health by doing both of these exercises for any amount of time. Taking a 20-second break after every 20 mins workout is crucial.

Duration of jumping on a trampoline?

Duration of jumping on a trampoline

In recent years trampoline has returned as a fun and a successful form of exercise. You would be able to strengthen the muscles, relax the heart, and eat a lot of calories.

But the question that arises is, for how long I will be able to jump on a trampoline?

And the bigger question is, what is the result of jumping on a trampoline?

When you are looking forward to losing weight, you will start by jumping on a trampoline for about 10-15 mins a day. In time, you can climb up to 30 mins per day and not any longer than that. Let’s say for a person who weighs about 90 kg; this exercise would be able to burn calories up to 200 within up 30 mins. The anaerobic component of jumping paired with a cardiovascular element that allows you to start hopping on a trampoline. By this, it is meant that if your calorie intake is within the right range, you will be losing weight within just 10+ mins per day.

That’s just not it. Did you know? Besides, burning calories, jumping on a trampoline with also strengthen and tone your legs and core. It will also raise your blood flow levels to the brain, improve your balancing and ability to concentrate, and even help with your digestion. Now that’s what you call an all in one solution!

How long do I jump to lose weight?

The cardiac target is 50-60 percent of the max heart rate for mild cardio. On the trampoline, it should be possible to reach a maximum of 70-80 percent MHR in the rigorous session. While calorie burns are smaller than other aerobic types, trampoline spring muscle-building results can help you get stronger. It will build more muscles than jogging or walking and that too in a fun way. Exercises can often be tedious and exhausting, but jumping on a trampoline seems enjoyable and beneficial also!

How long do I jump if I want to achieve a flat stomach?

There’s a simple equation that you would need to burn 3500 times more calories than what you consume to burn 1 lb of fat from your body. You should eat less, do more or more to make up the difference, to lose weight at a steady rate. This not recommended for people with eating disorders; however, but this can be very useful for people who genuinely need to drop a few kilos. To get the best outcomes of the exercise, you would need to understand the ratios. If your weight is up to 90 kilos or 150-200 lbs, you would be able to burn 150-200 calories per 30-minute session of jumping.


You may be able to get a trampoline gym or trampoline park if you live in a town of any reasonable size. You should buy your own if nothing else. In recent years, entry-level trampolines have become very inexpensive and guarantee that the acceptable weight limit is followed. Some versions have a lower weight, so you should mainly test what you get if you are heavy. Perhaps if you are at 270 lbs north, continue walking. When you can jump on the trampoline, you will do a great, successful lower body and core exercise. If it’s enjoyable and you more inclined to exercise for longer, you can enjoy your workouts more.

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