Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline

As crazy as it sounds, but there are a lot of benefits of jumping on a trampoline that we most are unaware of. If you didn’t know that already, then you are in for a big surprise when you find out the rebounding benefits on a trampoline. We are all aware of how boring and stressful doing exercise is. Most of us are very much on the same page in replying, “we’ll start working out from tomorrow” when asked when we will be starting our exercise. However, the whole scenario changes when asked to do something fun, for example, jumping on a trampoline. We have all known trampoline to be a device or a toy for kids of jumping on and enjoying. Who knew that exercise was disguised as fun while bouncing on it like a ping pong ball?

There are many benefits while jumping on a trampoline we have yet to know. A study from NASA has shown that this process has gained its popularity during the ’80s. Ever since then, trampoline jumping has become everyone’s favorite kind of exercise. Probably because this is the most fun-filled exercise ever, to achieve this benefit you don’t have to put in much effort either. All you have to do is jump gently on the trampoline and let the momentum do the rest as you keeping bouncing.

The benefits that this method of exercise offers is pretty amazing if you ask me. I was shocked to see the factors that improve my health. Things that were even out of my imagination came to life, knowing how the trampoline can be an instrument of staying healthy. The rebounding benefits affect your whole body. You will only realize the benefits of trampoline workout before and after you have taken the “jumps of good health.”

Why is it Important to Exercise the whole Body?

Well, to answer this question more precisely and with a realistic feel, let’s go for a real-life example or scenario. When you are reading this important tip, try to feel what you read, and you’ll get the best possible answer. Just think for a second that you have a broken leg and it’s cast for three months. So, being inactive for this long, your healed leg is now fragile. You’d also see a slight difference in size with all functioning, not broken leg of yours. This difference is because the casted leg of yours was unable to get any exercise for those three months.

Without any activity, any part of your body will have the less functioning capability. And therefore, the entire health of your body will be compromised. Jumping on a trampoline will change the scenario under such circumstances. And why is that? Simple, when you jump up and down, there are forces of acceleration, deceleration, and not to forget gravity acting on every cell of your body. Therefore, all the cells in your body go through helpful stresses due to these forces. This results in the stability, strength, and full functionality of the body parts.

Top 10 Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline

Everything you just read was a warm-up to get you started with how and why you should jump on a trampoline. We are now going to discuss the hottest topic of this section, which is the actual health benefits you get rebounding on a trampoline. Before buying a trampoline, I did a lot of research where I looked for the health benefits of it. Once I got the information, I double-checked with a known doctor of mine whom I trust because of his accuracy with knowledge in the medical sector. So I am now going to mention details on how jumping on a trampoline can be useful for the body and why.

Benefits of jumping on a trampoline
Benefits of jumping on a trampoline

1. Makes all the cells in your body more substantial

There are approximately 38 trillion cells in our body that goes up and down while jumping. It puts them through some useful stress due to the act of gravity, acceleration, and deceleration due to the movement. This stress allows the cell to get adapted to the new change and therefore making it more reliable. For those of you who don’t know, our cell has a part in it called the mitochondria. It is the powerhouse of all cells, and thus, rebounding helps to increase its function and respectively, increases its cell energy production. The cells must function at its optimum level because not functioning cells can damage the DNA of our body. These cells then become mutated and start operating in a way that increases our diseases, which can have a fatal impact. Therefore cells performing at its best are like a car toy running with a brand new, fully charged battery.

2. Improves the performance of the Lymphatic system and circulation

The lymphatic system is responsible for detoxifying our bodies. Rebounding helps us clean our lymphatic system, and therefore they can clean the waste effectively. The problem is, the generation we now live in is nothing but polluted, exposing us to vast quantities of harmful environmental pollutants that don’t think twice before polluting our food, water and not to mention the air. As we humans cannot survive without any of these three things, we are, in a way polluting or to sound harsher, TOXICATING our body. And ultimately, this results in cancers due to failed metabolic functions. Therefore keeping our lymphatic system clean is fully functioning is an essential task.

The lymphatic system doesn’t have a heart of its own to pump blood as the heart does to the body. It is dependent on the muscle movement for the circulation to take place. As we know that the fluids in the system go upward, the vertical jumping on a trampoline helps to catalyze the optimality of the circulation and movement of the fluids. In simple words, it makes the lymphatic system more efficient. So if you have a regular habit of bouncing, well, it means you have a higher chance of having a body with fewer toxins in it.

3. The density of bones increases

When you regularly jump, the density of your bones increases. It works best for older adults. The scientifically proven fact for this is because bones react to the state of being under pressure and not being in force. And by the pressure, you can also assume stress. When the bones are under stress or tension, they tend to become stronger. Weaker bones are the result of bones that do not go under pressure. So when you are going against gravity, your body is going under stress with massive support from your bones. Therefore your bones get stronger. Jumping also goes against gravity when you go up. Tests have shown that astronauts can lose their weight and strength of their bone or bone density in just two weeks staying in zero gravity. No gravity means no stress for the bones to go through and thus weak bones. Rebounding on a trampoline ensures all the bones on your legs, knees, and other important joints of your body to go under stress and thus increase their density, making them more durable.

4. Helps to keep the mental health stable

Jumping on a Trampoline helps to keep the mental health stable

The more you jump, the better your circulation would be. And better flow means that fresh oxygenated blood (blood that has oxygen in it) reaches your brain every time, which allows you to focus even more and making your brainer sharper. One of the benefits of a trampoline for toddlers is in improving their reading and writing as their mental capacity improves. This happens when they jump on the in with one side of their body. This also enhances communication between two persons. Not only is this, but the rebounding on a trampoline also responsible for releasing a hormone called endorphin. The function of this hormone is to boost up your moods and make you much more optimistic. Therefore this called the “feel good” hormone that also fills you up with self-confidence.

5. Helps you keep your weight under control by contributing to weight loss

Who doesn’t want their weight to be under control? Every obese person has a wish to get back to their original weight in a less stressful way. Well, for them, the trampoline is the best solution. It is fun and easy to use and very effective in helping you to lose weight.

How does that happen?

The more you jump, the more there is an increase in your metabolic rate. This keeps your weight in a leash. The boosted metabolic rate can stay up to 24 hours after you get off a trampoline that fastens the process of weight loss. Therefore it is now pretty apparent that jumping, especially on a trampoline, is a super effective calorie burner that also contributes to your weight loss. Another contributing factor to your weight loss goal is the efficient circulation of blood in our body, especially the lymphatic system. As the lymphatic system is responsible for taking out the toxic waste from our body, it helps you reach your goal faster.

6. Increases Immunity of your body by increasing the production of white blood cells

White blood cells are the disease-fighting elements in your body. They are responsible for keep you safe and healthy. With that being said, we can deduce that more the white bloods cells, safer one can be. One of these disease-fighting white blood cells goes by the name Lymphocyte. They are the defending agents of our body that specializes in keep us safe from illness and disease by killing and destroying the virus, bacteria and even cancerous cells. You will be shocked to know that your body would triple the number of your white blood cells for just 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline. Hard to believe, I know. These immune cells are transported throughout the body by the lymphatic system to enhance the body’s Immunity. If you have a strong immune system, you have nothing to worry about then. A famous writer Linda Brooks did mention in her book where she says that jumping helps detoxify your body and boosts your immune system, therefore helping in decreasing the cancerous cell. The book was called “A Simple Approach to Cancer,” I believe.

7. Your coordination and balance improve

Several factors that are linked with balance and coordination are enhanced by jumping on a trampoline regularly. Two of them are your ocular nerves in your eyes that improve your eyesight or vision and the inner ear canal, enhancing your hearing skills. The jumping also helps you react faster to any situation and thus makes your body more sharp and fit. Studies show that athletes with ankle sprains have been more benefited from rebounding on a regular basis. This improves their balance and also fixes their spinal alignment, which is crucial to keep them off neck pain, back pain, and joint pain.

8. Enhances digestion and keeps intestine healthy

The continuous jumping creates a synchronized motion of up and down. This triggers the muscles to undergo a series of contraction and relaxation along the digestive path. Therefore the peristalsis improves. For those of you who don’t know what peristalsis means, it means the capability of your body to absorb the food nutrients more efficiently. So enhanced peristalsis implies that your body will now be able to absorb much better and therefore keeping your body fit, digestion on track, and your gut super healthy. There are other factors that also get affected, which also benefits your body. For example, the enhanced peristaltic movements in the intestines mean that the food is absorbed faster, and thus, the waste products exit the body quickly as well. And so there is no chance of you going through constipation. And as the body is getting more and more nutrients due to the improved peristalsis, all the compromised parts in your body undergoes self-healing.

9. Better eyesight and stronger eye muscles

Bored of having to wear glasses? Is your eyesight compromised? Well, say hello to trampoline jumping. The jumping helps you to improve the ocular nerves and eye muscles by strengthening them. Compromised vision can be countered by doing regular jumping on a trampoline. Like every other cell and muscle in your body, your eye cells will also go under exercise, thus keeping the fit. This helps them to restore their original shape and functions as the cells get stimulated.

10. Highly Increases Intake of Oxygen by increasing the Lung capacity

healthy Lung

You can survive 3 days without water, but you can’t survive 3 minutes without oxygen. The more oxygen you can take in, the better your body stays fit. And the only way you can intake it is when you have strong lungs with more capacity to intake oxygen. Research from NASA shows that the more you jump on trampolines, the more your body cells have oxygen. It’s pretty simple. The circulation improves; therefore, your body can take in more oxygen and supply more and more oxygenated blood to your body parts. This increases cellular functions making your body fitter by releasing more energy. An increase in cellular functions or reactions is directly proportional to the rise in energy. This is once again because your metabolic activities increase so; therefore, more energy is released as more oxygen is received by the cells. Another benefiting factor is that there are a lot of bacteria that survive in anaerobic conditions. More intake of oxygen eliminates the anaerobic conditions in your body, therefore, preventing your body from catching common colds and cases of flu.

Start Jumping RIGHT NOW!!!!

Well, after going through all these benefits of jumping on a trampoline, I don’t see a reason why you should buy one today and start getting healthy in the most fun way possible. A regular trampoline jumping can affect your body in so many positive ways that are beyond your thinking.

Just imagine that if you have one of the problems mentioned above and you have been spending your money on doctor fees and medicines when all you had to do is just get a trampoline, and the rest would have been taken care of. Think of the money you could have saved. Shocking right? I would be surprised if it weren’t. The best part of jumping on a trampoline is that you can do it anywhere, like your home or workplace. This is your chance to stay healthy while enjoying. The best part is, you can do a regular session with your family, and they would enjoy it and won’t even know that they are staying healthier with every bounce. Now you decide is trampoline good or bad?

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